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We source amazing coffees from our farming friends all over the world and develop roast profiles for each coffee to bring out its unique flavor. This has been our passion for years and we're humbled by the recognition we've received: from winning coffee competitions to appearing in the "best of" lists of various media outlets, we’ve developed a pretty solid reputation. A high respect for the craft of coffee and a little bit of a competitive spirit have driven us to become one of the best coffee roasters in the country and we love teaming up with coffee shops who strive to deliver the best quality for their community.


From crop cultivars to global harvest schedules, from roast profiles to extraction parameters, from milk steaming to pouring eye catching latte art, there's a lot to know and learn in the world of craft coffee. Our staff is full of coffee fanatics with decades of experience who love to share their knowledge in hands-on, down to earth ways that will help you and your staff approach your cafe's coffee program with confidence and clarity.


Our motto is “Together We Prevail” for a reason: when an independent coffee shop flourishes, it’s good for local neighborhoods, as well as the global coffee community. At Prevail, we are passionate about helping owner-operators run successful community-driven coffee shops. We are always available to share our expertise in all aspects of the business, from troubleshooting equipment issues to managing personnel and operating expenses; your success is our success.


To make great coffee, you need great tools. Not only do we have great relationships with coffee growers around the world, we also have great relationships with coffee equipment manufacturers and dry goods suppliers. And of course, our friends are your friends, so we're happy to pass along fantastic pricing on equipment and supplies from the top names in specialty coffee.