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Side Car • Ethiopia | Sidama Legend

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About the Coffee

Tasting Notes   •   Strawberry Preserves, Vanilla, Walnut

Producer   •   Biru Bekele

Farm   •   Smallholder

Altitude   •   1850-1950m

Variety   •   Heirloom

Process   •   Natural

This exceptional offering from the Sidama region is the epitome of Samuel and the Keffa team’s relentless pursuit of quality and traceability. Sidama Legend is composed of the very best smallholder offerings from the Kerchanshe washing station in Anasora, Guji Zone and naturally processed on raised drying beds utilizing a drying process that Keffa has been optimizing for over a decade; producing brighter, sweeter, cleaner coffees year after year.

About the Farmers

Samuel Demisse was born and raised in Ethiopia. His father was a coffee professional and taught him about the industry at a young age. After immigrating to the United States, Samuel founded Keffa Coffee, an importer focused on supporting and sustaining coffee growers by working with origin partners who pay higher than average wages and treat workers fairly. On the ground in Ethiopia, Keffa’s licensed Q-grader Tsega Melesse cups every lot before it is prepped for export to ensure the highest quality standards. She also coordinates export logistics.

Side Car • Ethiopia | Sidama Legend

Side Car • Ethiopia | Sidama Legend