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BeBold | Guatemala | Las Marias

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About the Coffee

Tasting Notes   •   Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Orange Marmalade

Producer   •   John Schippers

Farm   •   Finca San Luis

Altitude   •   1400m

Variety   •  Caturra

Process   •   Washed

This Caturra variety is grown along the rim of a volcano at Finca San Luis. The rich volcanic soil creates a rich cup profile. The deep notes of peanut butter and milk chocolate make it the quintessential “comfort coffee”, best enjoyed in an overstuffed chair while reading a good book. 

About the Farmers

John Schippers of Finca San Luis in the Santa Rosa Department of Guatemala is a 3rd generation coffee grower. He and his wife, Regina raised their two daughters, Paulina and Daniela amongst the coffee shrubs and beneficios of Western Guatemala. The sisters have grown to become the 4th generation of Schippers in the coffee industry, as they work to bring their father’s coffee to the US through their company, Dos Niñas Coffee Importers. Prevail and the Schippers family have shared a special  connection for years. The children of Prevail’s founders, Wade and Megan Preston, affectionately refer to the Schippers sisters as “Tía Paulina” and “Tía Daniela”, making this offering truly a family affair.

BeBold | Guatemala | Las Marias

BeBold | Guatemala | Las Marias