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Side Car • Papua New Guinea | Sigri Peaberry

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About the Coffee

Tasting Notes   ·   Chocolate Malt, Rum Raisin, Assam Tea

Producer   ·   Vikram Patel

Farm   ·   Smallholder

Altitude   ·  1600m

Variety   ·   Typica & Arabica

Process   ·   Washed

This beautiful peaberry offering is sourced from our friend Vikram Patel of Benchmark Coffee who has been a champion of smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea. Vikram has built a sourcing process that is dependable and transparent, supporting sustainable farm practices, fair wages, and robust social programs while cultivating delicious coffee.

About the Farmers

Sigri Estate is a biodiverse coffee farm utilizing sustainable agricultural practices. All coffee is shade grown with a variety of native species used as “cover crop”, creating an optimal growing environment for coffee plants and a welcome home for migratory birds.

Side Car • Papua New Guinea | Sigri Peaberry

Side Car • Papua New Guinea | Sigri Peaberry